Kus Sarkisi Puppy Application Form
This form is for gathering information about you, the new owner of one of our pups. It will help us in placing the perfect puppy with the right owner in the right situation, be it a show home, livestock guardian home and/or companion home. If you cannot use this form please contact us and we'll e-mail or snail-mail an application. Thank you, Mary


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Our new Anatolian will be used for:
Working/Companion (Spay/Neuter Contract)
Working/Companion (Breeding/Show Contract)

If "Other", please specify:

1. You have expressed an interest in acquiring an Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Please tell me why this is the right breed for you?

2. How do you plan to contain this dog when you are at home?; when you are away from home?

3. Will this be a family companion or a working dog? Where will it reside the majority of the time?

4. If used for working, what animals will this dog be living with? Is there safe and proper weatherproof outdoor cover for the dog during hot/cold/inclement weather?

5. Do you have children? How many? Ages? Do they know the proper way to act around large dogs? How would you react if your child/chilren hurt the dog, causing the dog to retaliate?

6. How will you integrate this dog into your life? Are you willing to take the dog to obedience classes and do extensive socialization for the lifetime of the dog? Can you describe how a typical day will be in your dog's life?

7. Would you be willing to neuter? If "NO", please explain why.

8. If this is a companion dog, are there other animals on your property? What are they? Ages? How will they react to a new pup?

9. What feeding program are you planning to follow for your Anatolian? Do you know the protein/fat ratio requirements for this breed? Do you know the foods to stay specifically away from?

10. What are your plans for vaccinations and health maintenance for your new dog? Is your vet aware of the recommended protocol for Anatolians?

11. If a family companion, how do you plan to housetrain this dog? Do you have the time, money and stamina to deal with a very large puppy that will grow into a very large dog?

12. How will your neighbors feel about such a large dog coming into the neighborhood? Are there restrictions in your homeowners contract about dogs? What are they?

13. What amount of time will you have on a daily basis (specifically) to spend with a new pup? How much time (specifically) will the pup be alone each day?

14. If, for any reason other than health, you could not keep the dog ... would you be willing to return it to the breeder at your expense? If "NO", please explain why.

15. Please provide, as reference, the names of at least two people who know you well; one of them should be your family veterinarian. Please include Name, Phone, Email address:

16: Other comments?

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